Looking for the Tonic of Forgetfulness and what it does? We’ve got you covered.
While there’s an incredible amount of weapons, spells, and armor in Elden Ring, there’s also a seemingly infinite number of one-off and odd items scattered around the Lands Between. These items are typically associated with various NPCs and act as keys to unlock the next step in those questlines. When players complete these stories attached to different characters, they unlock strong and hidden items to use. 
More often than not, these key items discovered in or required to progress quests are locked behind specific actions. This could be killing a particular boss, looting the item from a corpse or chest, or even simply talking to another NPC to receive the item.
One odd item that is stumping players is the Tonic of Forgetfulness. Here, we’ll go over where to go, how to get it, and who to give it to once acquired. 
The Tonic of Forgetfulness is a Key Item in Elden Ring associated with Rya’s questline. Players receive it from Lady Tanith of the Volcano Manor. But to trigger Tanith offering it to the player, a few things must be done.
For those who have not been to Volcano Manor, there are a handful of options to get there. One option is to start Rya’s questline in Liurnia by retrieving her necklace from the Blackguard Big Bogart nearby. This will move her to the top of the Grand Lift of Dectus, where she will offer to send the player to Volcano Manor to meet Lady Tanith. Interacting with Rya in Liurnia is not required to progress her questline.
Once in the Volcano Manor, players can speak to Lady Tanith and join the Manor to obtain the Drawing Room Key. Joining the Volcano Manor has no effect on how the game ends. But those who have yet to complete the Blackguard Big Bogart’s questline should do so before joining the Manor since doing so will prevent players from accessing the quest in the future.
Players must progress Rya’s storyline far enough to obtain the Tonic of Forgetfulness. To do this, players have to complete two of the assassination requests of the Volcano Manor. The first is killing Old Knight Istvan in Stormhill just north of the Warmaster’s Shack in Limgrave. Once defeated, Rya will move into one of the drawing rooms and appear in her snake form. Speaking to her here and exhausting her dialogue will progress her story.
To continue, players must complete the next assassination request of the Manor, Rileigh the Idle. This NPC invasion takes place in the Altus Plateau just before the Shaded Castle. Once defeated, players should return to Volcano Manor to progress the story. Rya will now be in her human form and mention that she hears something within the walls of the Manor. Investigating further, players will find an illusory wall in the corner of the room with no NPCs in it. To continue, players must proceed down the corridor and open the doors of the Prison Town Church.
Progressing to and defeating the mini-boss in the area is the next step in Rya’s questline. Upon its defeat, and resting at the Site of Grace in the Temple of Eiglay, players can loot the altar to find the Serpent’s Amnion. This Key item is given to Rya and is required to receive the Tonic of Forgetfulness from Lady Tanith.
Once the player has given the Serpent’s Amnion to Rya, she will leave the area. Talking with Lady Tanith will trigger a dialogue in which she will give the player the Tonic of Forgetfulness to give to Rya.
Players should be aware that speaking with Brother Corhyn and offering him the Tonic of Forgetfulness will end his questline and will remain on one of the bridges in the Mountaintops of the Giants.
Rya will move further into the legacy dungeon of Volcano Manor. When players find her, they’ll have three options.
The first choice is to kill her. She will turn back into a snake and drop the Daedicar’s Woe Talisman upon death.
The second option is to leave her alive and return after killing the final boss of the Volcano Manor, Rykard. This will trigger a new dialogue and, upon reloading the area, she will be gone and will have left behind the Daedicar’s Woe Talisman and Zorayas’ Letter.
The third option is to give her the Tonic of Forgetfulness. The drink will put her to sleep. After defeating Rykard and returning to the Manor, all the NPCs will have left, except Rya. She is found in her original location. After exhausting her dialogue and reloading the area, she will be gone and will have left the Daedicar’s Woe Talisman in her place.
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