There are a lot of talented hackers seen in video games. Here’s a look at some of the best.
Video games have featured numerous characters with different and exciting backgrounds. From assassins to survivors — these characters feel all the more unique and believable as a result of these fleshed-out professions. In fact, not all of these jobs need to be action-heavy, with the profession of hacking also receiving its time to shine in the spotlight.
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At a glance, hacking might not seem like the most action-packed background. However, real-time hacking while trying to avoid or kill enemies can turn into a surprisingly fun endeavor in video games when executed correctly. Here are some of the most iconic hackers to appear in video gaming that has made a name for themselves with their iconic presence and technical know-how.
The protagonist of System Shock 2 is nothing more than a blank slate for the player to project themselves on. So, the personality of this player is completely dependent on the player… including whether he's a master hacker or not.
The Nameless Hacker from the original System Shock also deserves a mention, but the fact is that many people haven't really played the first game in the series due to its dated design. However, the second game still holds up and is one of the greatest immersive sims ever made.
Speaking of iconic immersive sims, it's hard not to talk about the original Deus Ex. The level design and gameplay of this title are amazing, to the point where it's almost become a meme for players to install this game whenever it's mentioned in some capacity.
At the heart of this game is its protagonist, JC Denton. He's another character that players can customize as they see fit, although he does have a personality of his own. Deus Ex was a simpler time when not every small thing needed a minigame, with hacking being more of a quick means-to-an-end instead of a puzzling minigame that always feels tacked on.
Futaba represents the hikikomori plague that is prevalent in Japan, with people regularly becoming shut-ins and leading isolated lifestyles. Helping her come out of her shell in Persona 5 is easily one of the best aspects of the game.
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She's a great character when she gets her time to shine. Her hacking skills also help the Phantom Thieves reach new heights of popularity due to how insane some of her stunts really are.
Chihiro is the Ultimate Programmer in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. So, it would only make sense for him to be a part of this list, given how great his hacking skills are.
His background and personality are also pretty riveting in their own right, with most people not being aware of Chihiro being a boy until after his demise. While he does come back in the form of a computer program called Alter Ego, even this return is short-lived.
The hype surrounding Watch Dogs was massive, and it was a shame that the game didn't live up to expectations. A big part of the game's failure was the poorly written protagonist, Aiden Pierce, who was so drab and broody that he bogged down the entire experience.
Ubisoft fixed this issue in the sequel with Marcus Holloway, a character who was genuinely charismatic in a rather light-hearted that was more in line with what fans wanted. It was a much-welcome shift, with many people considering Watch Dogs 2 to be the best game in the series.
Kasumi Goto is a fun thief that players can recruit in one of the DLCs for Mass Effect 2. While she doesn't really play a major role in the story, there's no denying that her character is still pretty engaging in her own right.
Things could've looked way more promising for the character if she was present from the get-go. As it stands, Kasumi is a fun character to interact with, even though her presence in the story feels a bit random at times.
As is the case with most of the other blank slate characters on this list, the Courier is another character whose hacking skills depend on the player. After all, there's no real obligation to sink too many points into this skill anyway.
However, players who turn the Courier into a master hacker will certainly enjoy a ton of benefits from the same. After all, a bunch of the secrets, quests, and high-level loot are locked behind terminals that hide knowledge of the same.
Barbara Gordon is a character from the DC Universe who was paralyzed by the Joker following a stray bullet that hit her spine. However, she didn't let this incident stop her from aiding Batman with her excellent technical skills.
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She's Batman's eyes and ears, surveying the area he enters and helping him out with useful information. It must take a lot of skills for someone to hack into computer systems like it's nothing, but Oracle really is great in this department.
The Splinter Cell series is on a bit of a hiatus, which is a shame for fans of this amazing stealth-action series. After all, Sam Fisher's adventures are always pretty entertaining and make for a great time.
There are several games in the Splinter Cell series that are worth the time of any fan of stealth games. There's a charm to these titles, which never compromise on their oppressive atmosphere and the fragility of the main character, Sam Fisher, who has to sneak and hack around hostile environments while subduing any threats that might stand in his way.
Sombra is one of the many hero types in Overwatch that players can check out to increase the gameplay variety in this title. She might be a tad underused, but is still a fun character to use in battle regardless.
She's one of the most notorious hackers in the universe of Overwatch, which makes her a perfect candidate for this list. Players who understand the abilities of this character can certainly catch enemies unawares with a slew of stealthy powers.
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