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Call of Duty Mobile is enjoyed by many in the gaming community and there is an abundance of new Black Friday content that has gone live.
The game is a lot of fun and combines new content from the popular franchise, with old fan favourites from Call of Duty games of old.
Black Friday is a great time for those in the gaming community as lots of games bring out lots of new content and also add massive discounts to in-game purchases.
Those playing Call of Duty Mobile will be wanting to know what content is arriving to the game this weekend, and they will be delighted to hear what it entails.
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Those who are big fans of the game will know that the developers have already revealed some big Black Friday Deals, and these are all available to purchase in the store. There is up to 50% off on some cosmetics.
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These are not the only things happening during this Black Friday weekend, and players will be over the moon to hear that events and chances to win free rewards will also go live this weekend. The content coming to Call of Duty Mobile are:
To find out more about these events, you need to login to Call of Duty Mobile during Friday 26th November 2021 and Monday 29th November 2021.
You will be rewarded for logging on and you will no doubt have a lot of fun playing the game during this period.
This is a great way for Call of Duty Mobile to not just keep their current players happy but also to attract new players to the game.
This is a really great event for the developers to bring out in the weeks before Season 11 comes out as it will get players even more excited for the new season.
Season 11 will see new weapons, multiplayer maps, cosmetics and characters, and it is easy to see why players are so excited for its release.

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