An exciting year suddenly turns boring for Xbox fans!
By Mehrdad Khayyat
This year was supposed to be the beginning of a golden era for Microsoft and Xbox with the launch of some big exclusive games, but it isn’t even close to an exciting year after multiple delays from the developers, the last of which pushed back Starfield and RedFall to 2023.
During last year’s E3 showcase, Microsft and Bethesda officially revealed the first in-engine trailer from Starfield, promising to deliver the game in November 2022.
That being said, the developer shared an official statement earlier today, revealing that Starfield will not be launched earlier than the first half of 2023. Along with it, Bethesda pushed back the release of RedFall to the same period in 2023 as well.
This is already a huge frustration for Xbox and PC gamers, especially the Game Pass subscribers, who were pretty optimistic about the release of Starfield in 2022.
For multiple reasons, the Xbox Game Studios line-up for 2022 has been drained. First of all, the company was supposed to launch STALKER 2 in the second quarter of this year, but the game was delayed until Q4 2022.
Regarding the fact that the developer behind STALKER 2 is based in Ukraine, there is no guarantee that they could finish the development process by the end of this year while dealing with a war against Russia.
An update on Redfall and Starfield.
Now, after pushing back the launch of RedFall to 2023, which was originally supposed to arrive in Summer 2022, the first half of this year for Xbox gamers already looks horrible with almost no AAA exclusive games.
Next month, Xbox and Bethesda will have a brand new showcase, during which we will see more about the upcoming projects from Xbox Game Studios. Based on the speculations, Forza Motorsport has a high chance of getting a release date for this year, but still, it would be pretty surprising to see it come out in Summer 2022.
Even if Forza Motorsport arrives in 2022, it’s still one AAA game for the entire year, which is harshly against Phil Spencer’s idea of launching one big-budget game every three months.
Xbox Game Pass subscribers could still remain optimistic about the third-party games coming to the service in 2022 such as Sniper Elite 5, Darktide, A Plague Tale Requiem, and Scorn.
Xbox’s lack of first-party games in 2022 could end up in PlayStation 5’s absolute dominance as everything at PlayStation Studios seems to go on according to plans.
So far in 2022, Sony has launched Horizon 2 Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7, with God of War Ragnarok on the way to arrive later this year. And this could get even better for PlayStation fans if Sony reveals some surprising releases for this year, such as the multiplayer expansion for The Last of Us Part 2.
What are your thoughts on Xbox’s line-up this year? Do you still hope for big surprises in 2022 from Microsoft? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.
Mehrdad (He/Him) is a Senior Staff Writer at DualShockers. He started writing about video games when he was a high-school student. He’s probably one of those rare Rainbow Six Siege fans that have the game installed and updated on every available platform.

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