Sedans are one of the most popular classes of cars among the players of GTA Online. If they are in a race, they are bound to be outperformed by lightning-fast vehicles like the Ocelot Pariah and the Pfister.
These cars are well-equipped and provide high-end performance and butter-smooth handling. The majority are fun to drive and provide a thrilling ride.
GTA Online has given its players an ample amount of sedans to choose from, and it can get overwhelming. This article will help players decide which sedan is best for them.
Note: This article reflects the writer’s subjective opinion.
The Übermacht Oracle is a four-door luxury coupe featured in GTA Online, which is much sportier than its predecessor, the Oracle XS.
When compared to the XS, which has a bigger, more aggressive engine, this car travels quickly and is driven by a smoother-timing engine. Cornering is better than the previous model, and braking is excellent.
Oracle is a massive, heavy saloon, but its handling is well balanced, and its overall speed is impressive for a car of its size. It accelerates faster than the Felon but has a lesser peak speed. The car has an affordable price of $80,000.
Benefactor Glendale Custom is a four-door low-rider sedan powered by the same single-overhead camshaft V8 engine that powers the Chino Custom and the Slamvan Custom, with double-barrel carburetors.
Glendale Custom, like the ordinary Glendale, has the characteristic engine sound of SUVs and pickup trucks like the Granger and the Bodhi, implying that it is a diesel.
The car keeps the standard model’s original design, including the front and back fascias, as well as all chrome elements. The cabin was revised with modern foot pedals and modified back seats, but the automobile only received modest alterations. The car is available for $520,000.
The Obey Tailgater S is a 4-door sports sedan that has superb traction despite its RWD layout, with decent top speed and handling.
However, its weight is its weakness, slowing down acceleration and making the car compete with cars like the Calico GTF, Jester RR, and even the Comet S2.
Because of the weight, braking power is likewise mediocre, and while turning competently, it tends to under-steer when turning a tight bend flat out.
Compared to similar automobiles, it has exceptional crash resistance and the wheels do not bend readily, making it an excellent choice for escapes and transportation. Players can get this car for $1,495,000.
Benefactor Schafter V12 (Armored) is a luxury armored four-door sedan that has a somewhat greater peak speed and has limited resistance to explosives. It can withstand a direct tank shell without being damaged.
The vehicle can also take one sticky bomb (a second sets the car on fire). Due to the extra weight, the standard variant’s steering input reaction time is significantly longer. It can resist a single RPG rocket because of its protection. Currently, the car is available in the game for $325,000.

The Lampadati Cinquemila is a luxury 4-door sedan featured in GTA Online, which is the best vehicle in the Sedans Vehicles class in GTA 5 & GTA Online by overall performance.
The vehicle is powered by a V-shaped engine that looks similar to those seen in automobiles like the Paragon R and the Deity, replicating the W12 engine found in real-life versions of those cars.
The engine is mated to an 8-speed transmission and drives the rear wheels. It has the same sound as the Komoda, which is a high-pitched form of the one seen in automobiles like the XA-21, Jugular, and Vectre. The current price of the car is $1,740,000.

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