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Sentinel Tenz tries to push his team towards victory, with an insane clutch in the 3rd OT. But it turns out even that wasn’t enough as Sentinels took another loss.
Whenever we think of the top teams from the Valorant Competitive scene, we never miss Sentinels. They have been considered one of them since the beginning of Valorant’s competitive scene.
They were the first team to win an International tournament, in a flawless fashion. But their success was short-lived they they have not been in top spots after Masters 2 Reykjavik. And their losing streak is continuing on to NA VCT Group Stage.
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Going into this matchup Sentinels had the higher seeding, which led to them choosing Bind as their first map. And then LG chooses Breeze as their second with Fracture remaining as the third match.
Match 1: Bind
Even though Bind was Sen’s pick, and they have been pretty dominant on Bind. However, it seemed that LG came prepared with anti-strating all of Sentinel’s plays. Which led them to win the map with a score of 13 – 11. With bdogg stepping up big time.
Match 2: Breeze
Going into this matchup Sentinels were up by 8-4 in the first half. But it turns out LG was not going to let down easily which led to the map going on to third overtime. And this is where we see Tenz clutching the most crucial round.
x3 OT and @TenZOfficial ends it with spooky wallbang. 😱@Sentinels | #VCTChallengersNA pic.twitter.com/ULePW9Kpmh
— VALORANT Champions Tour NA (@valesports_na) May 14, 2022

Match 3: Fracture
Fracture was a huge letdown to Sen fans as even though the first two maps were really close, they didn’t seem to stand a chance. LG was just too well prepared and dominated the whole map, winning the map and series with the score 13-4 and 2:1.
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