Riot Games shows off the latest gameplay for Fade, a new agent coming to Valorant who focuses on fighting with shadowy ink and monsters.
Touted by many as Riot Games' answer to Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Valorant has proven to be an incredibly popular hero shooter since its release in 2020. The game has proven to be especially popular with streamers such as Pokimane and IShowSpeed. The game has even seen a pro scene be established in its short lifespan, with some pro players jumping from other shooters to try out Riot's latest game.
With so much attention on Valorant, Riot Games is adding new content consistently to keep the game feeling fresh. New Agents are one of the ways that Valorant gives players a reason to keep coming back to the shooter, and Riot has recently released a new trailer for the latest Valorant Agent Fade. Fade is from Turkey and marks the 20th Agent in Valorant. Each Agent is given their own unique abilities to stand out and Fade is no different, as she takes on enemies with "nightmare ink" and shadowy powers.
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Fade's gameplay trailer shows a short clip of her in action. However, it doesn't do much to explain what her powers actually are and instead focuses on what they look like. Luckily for fans, Riot has explained in detail the description of each of Fade's powers. Her E throws an orb that will plummet to the ground after a set amount of time. As it hits the ground, the orb will reveal the location of enemies in its line of sight. Fade's Q also fires an orb but upon hitting the ground this ability will lock enemies in place, not allowing them to escape by normal means.These two abilities alone seem like Fade will provide a unique amount of utility in Valorant matches, able to both reveal enemies and keep them in one place.
Moving on to her other abilities, Fade's C allows her to equip a Prowler. The Prowler will travel in a straight line and lock onto enemies. If it reaches them, the Prowler will near-sight enemies, but it can be avoided. Finally, Fade's X gives her the power of Fear. This sends out a wave of energy that ignores obstructions and walls, creating a trail to affected opponents as well as deafening and decaying them. Fade's abilities seem strong from the outset, with many fans expecting that she'll break the game like other new Agents in Valorant.
Fade will be introduced to Valorant alongside the beginning of Episode 4 Act 3. Valorant's Episode 4 has already been out since the beginning of 2022, and it started with the release of the Agent Neon, which changed the meta massively. Now, fans are looking to see whether Fade can change the way Valorant is played.
Valorant is available now for PC.
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