In the most recent livestream, Disguised Toast regretted bragging about his diamond rank in Valorant in the most hilarious way possible. And what came next was a hilarious series of events.
In an interesting turn of events, while collaborating with other Offline TV members like Valkyrae, Sykkuno, and Miyoung, Disguised Toast showed off his astonishing Diamond rank in Valorant, only to get brutally trolled by fellow streamers.
After being “insulted,” Toast hilariously noted:
Offline TV members caught the internet’s attention again with their wholesome friendship moment. As fans might already know, the group has been streaming Valorant quite a lot recently and also collaborates a lot.
Their streams of the popular FPS are always super fun to watch, and the latest one was no different.
In the most recent collaborative stream, Disguised Toast, Valkyrae, Sykkuno, and Miyoung indulged in a hilarious conversation on Toast’s Diamond rank account in Valorant, resulting in a few minutes of intense chaos and roasting.
Showing off his higher rank in Valorant, Toast hilariously noted:
Mocking his statement, Sykkuno quickly said:
Even after this, Toast continued his Diamond rank talk to highlight the fact that he could not afford to lose more points. The online star was quick to say:
Jumping into this hilarious conversation, Miyoung was the one to indirectly troll Toast for his Diamond |ank talk the most.
As expected, the laughable conversation elicited many excited reactions from fans. The majority of the viewers can be seen just enjoying the entire discussion.
After a few minutes of roasting and intense chaos, the team finally resumed their matches. Needless to say, the instant regret was quite evident on Toast’s face.

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