Japanese esports team ZETA DIVISION has reached the Valorant Champions Tour playoffs following a close victory against Ninjas in Pyjamas.
ZETA DIVISION, a Japanese esports team competing in the first-person hero shooter Valorant, made massive waves after qualifying for playoffs. Riot Games’ free-to-play title combines hero shooters like Overwatch with tactical shooters like Counter-Strike, making for incredibly exciting professional play. While talks of esports in the Olympics have not gone far, the Valorant playoffs are now guaranteed to be a truly international event thanks to ZETA DIVISION.
First launched in 2020, Valorant quickly established its own professional scene thanks to its unique strategic gameplay. The title features a wide variety of playable agents, each possessing their own unique abilities, alongside a buy menu that lets players customize their arsenal at the start of each round. This combination of mechanics lets players mix-and-match powers and weapons to create unique tactical loadouts, ensuring that esports events are always innovative and surprising. The first-ever international Valorant Champions tournament was held in December 2021, with Brazilian team Vivo Keyd using a Cypher Camera exploit that resulted in a forfeit.
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As reported by Twitter user The Esports Writer, ZETA DIVISION has become the first Japanese team to qualify for an international Valorant playoffs event. The Valorant Masters match between ZETA and Brazilian team Ninjas in Pyjamas was intense, with the Japanese team winning 13 rounds and Ninjas scoring 12. Competitive matches require that victors win by two points, which ZETA was able to do thanks to masterful gunplay from Koji “Laz” Ushida. ZETA will now be the first Japanese team to progress into the next stage of the Valorant Masters playoff tournament, with the team even trending first on Twitter following the exciting victory.
#ZETAWIN trending #1 worldwide right now pic.twitter.com/1q8NUSSQFs
The Valorant community is rising to become a premier platform for casual and competitive play, and developers have taken action to preserve the sanctity of the game. Recently Riot Games banned a streamer from Valorant, and its other titles like League of Legends, following aggressive harassment that went viral. The streamer, IShowSpeed, went on an extremely sexist and toxic rant after encountering a female gamer during a Valorant match. A clip of the event quickly made its way across the internet and reached Valorant producer Sara Dadafshar, who promptly banned IShowSpeed from all Riot titles.
Valorant represents one of the youngest and fastest-growing esports communities, so earning Japanese representation in the playoffs is a huge achievement for ZETA DIVISION. The team’s qualifying match was close and extremely intense, displaying the competitive nature of Riot Games’ unique first-person shooter. With ZETA all set for the Valorant Masters, fans are likely wondering how far the team will go from here.
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Valorant is available on PC.
Source: The Esports Writer/Twitter
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