With so many things happening right now in Lost Ark, it’s easy to overlook some of the smaller problems. It seems like the devs feel this way too since the EUWest Login Bonus rewards have gone missing once again.
Another day, another issue for Lost Ark. This time, the newest servers in the game, and arguably the most problematic ones, have once again been affected.
The 30-day login bonus seems to have gone missing. While it is not the first time this happens on EUW, the players are growing more and more frustrated with the lack of attention their server is getting.
Speaking of events, the Arkesia Grand Prix is on. Make sure you race to the finish line to earn the event exclusive rewards.
Check out all the changes that came with the March update here.
Players have been reporting this issue for quite some time, with some players even claiming that it is not the first time a Lost Ark compensation event failed to deliver on its promises.
Now, it seems like the login event tab just disappeared entirely:
The event offered rewards for 10 days for EUW players, to help them catch up with others after moving to a new server to avoid massive Lost Ark queue times.
However, the event appears to have suddenly disappeared after just 4 extra days.
At the start of the Login Bonus Event, Lost Ark representative Standor replied to concerns on the game’s official forums, claiming to be investigating the issue. However, 4 days later, the event has ended with no word from Amazon Games regarding its intentions.
Recently, many issues keep popping up in Lost Ark. This past week we’ve had reports of heavy matchmaking problems or raids not working properly.
Even the voice chat tool is problematic. While it is expected that issues pop up here in there, especially in such a big game, what’s happening right now highlights a bigger issue.
That of small issues left forgotten in favor of other updates. While it is understandable for the game to move forward, there needs to be a balance between the two.
Although the game has some issues right now, Lost Ark is the best MMO we’ve had in years. There are many adventures to be had in Arkesia.
Challenge yourself by taking on the Alberhastic Guardian Raid, one of the toughest battles in the game.
Or, if you want to relax and do some easier quest but still get some good rewards, check out our rapport guide.

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