Everything you need to know about the next God of War on PS5 and PS4
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Maybe once or twice in a console generation does a game come along that really pushes the medium to the next level. God of War (2018) from Sony Santa Monica was that game, taking home countless awards, accumulating close to 20 million in sales worldwide and successfully reinvigorating the series for the better. 
Quite understandably, a sequel to one of the most critically revered games of all time was confirmed to be in the works with God of War Ragnarok. Taking place three years after the events of the previous game, we find Kratos and his now teenage son, Atreus, preparing for the great Fimbulwinter that is said to lead into the end of days, Ragnarok. 
Since the announcement was made almost two years ago, fans have been trying to piece together every little bit of information to find out exactly what is happening in God of War Ragnarok and what they have to look forward to – outside of giant killer crocodiles. To make sense of all this, we’ve rounded up all of the most important news, rumours and leaks from the web in one convenient place for your viewing pleasure. 
We’ll be regularly updating this feature right up until the launch of God of War Ragnarok, so make sure to check back for the latest details. Right then, let’s begin. Kratos sits by a fire while Atreus brings a dead stag to the caveGod of War Ragnarok is currently scheduled to launch sometime in 2022 exclusively for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. 
The game’s original announcement was made on September 16, 2020 as part of the first PlayStation 5 Showcase with a release window of 2021 initially slated. On June 2, 2021, God of War Ragnarok was delayed to a release window of 2022.
“Since the release of the next God of War teased last year, we’ve been humbled by the amount of love our community has shown us. We’re incredibly grateful to see so many people excited to experience the next chapter of Kratos and Artreus’ journey,” wrote Sony Santa Monica (via Twitter). 
“We remain focused on delivering a top-quality game while maintaining the safety and wellbeing of our team, creative partners, and families. With this in mind, we’ve made the decision to shift our release window to 2022. Thank you for all your continued support, we’ve got some exciting things in the works that we can’t wait to show you.” 
pic.twitter.com/LLXnEof2LgJune 2, 2021
The most recent release date update we have is from Sony Santa Monica creative director Cory Barlog, who addressed fans on the rebooted God of War’s four-year anniversary (April 20, 2022). During the short clip (posted to Twitter) he confirmed that “something cool is coming” but the game is not “ready to be shown”. Does this suggest another delay to 2023 is on the horizon? 
The full comments addressing the game from Barlog follow: “Speaking of… God of War Ragnarok. We haven’t said a lot about this. That’s because everybody is heads down, hard at work. We are perfectionists. Everyone’s tightening up the graphics on level three, there is so much going on right now that I just wish we could share it with you but it’s just not ready to be shown” 
“But I guarantee you the moment, the very second that we have something that we’re ready to share, we’re going to share it with you. Because we don’t want to hold any of this back, so please hold tight, know that something cool is coming and that we, everybody here at Santa Monica is so incredibly thankful for all the support that you’ve given us
4 years ago, God of War (2018) released! We’re grateful to all of you who joined Kratos and Atreus on their journey, and we’re so proud of the team who worked to bring it to life. While we’re not ready to share an update about what comes next, here’s a quick message from Cory! pic.twitter.com/Z5PHpKQppYApril 20, 2022
Since Sony Santa Monica was established in 1999, the studio has internally developed and released six games – five of which are in the God of War series. Looking at these release dates proves a bit of a pattern for when the newest entry in the series might release. 
Taking away the October 2001 release date of Kinetica, the first and only game from Sony Santa Monica that wasn’t God of War, we can see that every title from the studio has arrived in March or April. Four out of five of the God of War games have launched in April with the only exception being God of War (2018) and this was confirmed only in January that year, after first being given an “early 2018” launch. 
While God of War Ragnarok is currently scheduled for a 2022 release, the most recent comments from Barlog make us believe the game will suffer one more delay, ultimately launching in its trusted March to April period. Tyr and Kratos in God of War RagnarokA teaser trailer for God of War Ragnarok closed out the first PlayStation 5 Showcase on September 16, 2020. Albeit brief, it confirmed the existence of the sequel for the very first time as well as an initial release date of 2021, which obviously never transpired as the game was delayed in June 2021. 
“The time draws near. You must prepare yourself,” says Kratos as part of the narration. Snow falls onto a dark screen before the God of War symbol (also known as the Omega symbol in Greek mythology) breaks out of the image. Runes then spell out the word “Ragnarok” before the “Ragnarok is coming” and the date 2021 materialises.
The first official reveal trailer for God of War Ragnarok took place during the second PlayStation 5 Showcase on September 9, 2021. Once again closing out the video presentation, the game’s title was finally confirmed with further confirmation that it would now arrive in 2022. 
The extensive three-minute trailer that is captured on PS5 begins with Kratos tending to fire before an older Atreus carries a dead stag into the cave where the pair have presumably made camp. Atreus stated that: “Time is running out. The prophecies say Fimbluwinter leads to Ragnarok. War is coming. My story doesn’t end hiding in these woods. I should be out there finding out who I am… who Loki is.” 
Freya is then seen attacking Kratos on a sledge before Mimir comments on Kratos’ “dour expression” and warns that Odin has “tricks up his sleeve” that the group might not have considered. Kratos can also be seen mushing wolves on a frozen lake in Midgard. With a war against Asgard potentially on the horizon, Atreus suggests finding the Norse God of War, Tyr, who is presumed dead. Gameplay footage of Kratos and Atreus travelling by boat is then debuted as well as father and son visiting a new village where merchants Sindri and Brok are found.  Kratos, Atreus and BrokAnother mysterious merchant with an octopus-like creature crawling on his arm then appears, before cutting to Kratos fighting an array of enemies with the Leviathan Axe. “War is not the only way,” he says. More combat is shown using the Blades of Chaos until the same clip of Thor, God of Thunder, at Kratos’ cabin is played from the end of the 2018 game. 
“You seem like a calm and reasonable person. Are you a calm and reasonable person?” Thor says. More high-octane action including a giant crocodile, centaur, elves and otherwise is shown alongside new attacks for our two lead characters. The trailer ends with a chained Tyr being found, freed and asked “are you coming with us” by Kratos. The Norse God of War then stands up and the God of War Ragnarok title appears. Angrboda, a close companion of Loki in Norse mythology, is then introduced saying: “You’ll get your answers soon enough. Well, some of them.” Kratos stares off into a new landWarning: spoilers for God of War (2018) 
God of War Ragnarok is expected to be set in ancient Scandinavia. Set to pick up in Midgard with Kratos and Atreus, who is now a teenager, three years on from the previous game, the duo must prepare for the coming of Ragnarok once the great winter (known as Fimbulwinter) comes to an end. Atreus, now having found answers about his identity, seeks to find further information and put a stop to Ragnarok. 
Freya, the former queen of the Valkyries and a once former alley, now seeks revenge on Kratos and Atreus for the death of her son, Baldur. Expected to traverse the nine realms of Norse mythology, Kratos and Atreus search for the believed dead Norse God of War, Tyr, as they face threats from both Freya and the Norse God of Thunder, Thor. God of War Ragnarok PS5 alligatorStill on track for 2022? 
Sony insider and Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier confirmed (via Reddit) in February 2022 that God of War Ragnarok is still expected for a 2022 release date. A member of the GamingLeaksAndRumours subreddit asked whether anyone thinks God of War Ragnarok would be delayed to 2023 with Schreier unexpectedly responding with a simple “nope”. The reporter has a long history in the games space with finding out information ahead of time 
Database leak 
A PlayStation database leak in March 2022 stated that God of War Ragnarok would launch on September 30th, 2022. This is likely just a placeholder (via PlayStation Game Size) with that particular date being the last day as part of Q3 2022, although, it could give us an idea of the release window that developer Sony Santa Monica is trying to hit. Until an official date is confirmed by the studio, all of this is pure speculation and should be treated as such.  
Community manager reconfirms 2022 release date
Near the end of March 2022, the community and social manager at Sony Santa Monica reconfirmed (via Twitter) that “God of War: Ragnarok comes out this year”. While no further details were shared, it’s at least somewhat comforting that the tweet has stayed up months on suggesting it may actually make its 2022 target.  
God of War Ragnarök comes out this year.March 24, 2022
Congratulations! You made it to the end. Now just imagine Kratos yelling out an almighty “Boy!” in celebration of this achievement. We will be updating this piece regularly, so make sure to check back for the latest information.  
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