Elden Ring continues its dominance at the top of the sales charts claiming the #1 spot for the most-downloaded game on PlayStation Network for March 2022 in the US. This begins a hot streak for From Software’s masterpiece as Elden Ring was also the top downloaded game on PSN for February 2022 as well. Just how long can it stay on top?
Like clockwork, Sony has unveiled the charts for the most-downloaded PS5 and PS4 games on PSN for March 2022 in an official PlayStation blog post, having separate categories for PlayStation VR games and free-to-play games. That’s key for Elden Ring sales numbers, so that it doesn’t need to compete with the likes of popular free-to-play live-service games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty: Warzone.
Given that Elden Ring sales have already surpassed the 12 million mark for copies overall, the game might stay at the top of the heap for quite a while on PSN. That said, several sports titles are already knocking on the door, particularly in Europe where Gran Turismo 7 has taken the top spot away from Elden Ring for top PS5 download (with Grand Theft Auto sneaking into the second spot) and FIFA 22 has done the same but for the top PS4 download.
In the most-downloaded PS5 charts for US and Canada, though, Gran Turismo 7 still rests in second place with newcomer WWE 2K22 landing in third. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands also makes its debut in fifth place, with Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin sitting in seventh. Horizon Forbidden West dropped from second place from last month down to eighth. Last but not least, Ghostwire: Tokyo settles in at ninth while Sifu remains strong to round out the Top 10 in tenth position.
Just as last month, Beat Saber remains the top download on PSN for PlayStation VR games, with Fortnite at the top for free-to-play titles on PS5 and PS4, in both US/Canada and EU.
In other news, Max Payne 1 and 2 are getting remakes by Remedy Entertainment and Rockstar, and there’s a rumor that Ghost Recon “Over” could get a release date within the year.



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