Riot Games teases a reveal for Valorant’s next agent, and it won’t be too long before players can see what the mysterious character is all about.
Riot Games’ wildly popular competitive shooter, Valorant, is constantly expanding its roster with new agents for every Act. After many months of teases and leaks, Riot Games finally gave fans a first look at the next agent shooting their way to Valorant. Players eager to see the new agent in action won’t have to wait too long as full gameplay reveal is coming very soon.
Valorant launched in June 2020 and since then has received a steady stream of content updates, including new game modes, maps, and agents. Riot Games splits up Valorant’s seasons with Acts, each Act spanning two months, and every three Acts make up one Episode. Valorant’s most recent content drops include a new agent named Neon and a new map called Fracture. Episode 4 of Valorant is winding down soon but not before releasing one last bit of content.
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Ahead of Valorant’s upcoming Episode 4 Act 3, Riot has released some official artwork for the newest agent, Fade, along with teases and imagery depicting what Fade’s abilities are capable of. Riot’s blog post features images of darkness surrounding a handful of the current agent roster, and the development team states that Fade is “the last person you want to find in the dark.” Where this trail leads, fans will soon find out. Fade’s full gameplay preview and cinematic debut will be featured as part of the Masters Reykjavik Grand Final on April 24. Fans can likely expect to start playing as Fade when Valorant’s Episode 4 Act 3 launches on April 26.
For many months fans have been speculating about the incoming agent in Act 3. Rumors surrounding Valorant are constantly making the rounds on social media, and the inclusion of Fade is no different. Some fans have already figured out the agent’s abilities and datamined cinematics that align with Riot’s recent tease of Fade. Fade’s rumored abilities include Prowler, a creature that hunts enemy players; Seize, an orb that tethers players to its center; Haunt, an orb that spots enemy players; and Nightfall, Fade’s ultimate, which sends out a dark mist that will debuff enemies. How accurate these rumors and deductions are will be answered at Fade's gameplay reveal later this month.
Once Fade launches, players can expect to see a break-in period for the new agent. A common occurrence in the tactical shooter space is that additions and balance changes take time to settle correctly once the community has its hands on it. The inclusion of Neon in Episode 4 Act 1 of Valorant was controversial as several balance changes made the new agent feel broken at release. However, Riot has always been quick to act accordingly and listen to community feedback. How Fade will fit into the game meta this season, fans will find out soon enough.
Valorant is available now for PC.
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