An Elden Ring player discovers a dragon floating in mid-air below a cliffside as they fall to their death, while the dragon remains untouched.
Bandai Namco and FromSoftware released Elden Ring at the end of February and fans continue to discover hidden details, formulate ideal strategies for the bestiary of enemies, and occasionally coming across some bugs. One such player was recently tricked by a floating dragon that appeared to be walking on the ground below which ended up being a lot further away than the Elden Ring fan expected.
Reddit user Qcavner posted a clip of their Elden Ring adventure when they happen upon a dragon resting just underneath a rocky surface which the player anticipated was a nearby ledge. The video begins with Qcavner dodging twice to avoid a blue fireball from the Elden Ring dragon slightly below them. Before the dragon is able to unleash another attack in Qcavner's direction, the Elden Ring fan jumps off the nearby rocks with their melee weapon raised above their head for an attack that doesn't actually connect with the dragon.
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As Qcavner jumps towards the dragon, the Elden Ring video quickly shows that the ground underneath the dragon is significantly further below the cliffside that Qcavner attacked from. The dragon is able to fool the Elden Ring player into an attack because its animations showed it in a rested position typically seen while the dragons are on the ground contrary to flying in the sky like Flying Dragon Agheel. At the same time Qcavner begins to plummet, the dragon takes one more swipe at the player who free falls for a few seconds before dying on impact.
The weapon Qcavner uses in their Elden Ring clip is a Colossal Weapon called Ghiza's Wheel which is meant for characters using a Strength build as opposed to players taking a magic-based approach. Ghiza's Wheel is acquired in Elden Ring by defeating Inquisitor Ghiza on the top floor of Volcano Manor, which can be done fairly early on in a playthrough thanks to the open-world nature of Elden Ring. Players can reach Volcano Manor by jumping down a platform behind the Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast boss, completing Rya's questline, or by being teleported near it by a boss called Abductor Virgin.
Although Qcavner has illustrated an issue with Elden Ring dragons, not many players have reported the same problem and Qcavner may have been able to defeat the enemy using alternate methods. It's currently unclear how Elden Ring players using a melee build are able to defeat floating creatures like the dragon in Qcavner's video, but they may be better off trying to avoid such encounters. Unlike Flying Dragon Agheel who is found at the Dragon-Burnt Ruins in Limgrave, the dragon in Qcavner's video is one of the several other Elden Ring dragons that are typically hunted for their Dragon Hearts which is a consumable item used to trade for Dragon-based Incantations.
Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.
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