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If you want to know when is the Night Market in Valorant in May 2022, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll show you when is the next Night Market in Valorant, and we’ll also explain what it is and how it works. So, let’s find out when does the Valorant Night Market come back, shall we?
The May 2022 Valorant Night Market will happen on Wednesday, the 18th, and it will last until Tuesday, May 31st. According to the ValorLeaks Twitter account, those dates might actually be May 19th and June 1st, respectively, depending on which time zone you live in. Namely, it appears that the Night Market will begin at midnight UTC on May 19th. That translates to 5 PM Pacific Time on May 18th / 8 PM Easter Time on May 18th / 2 AM Central European on May 19th. Basically, for everybody east of Spain, it’s May 19th.
For those of you that are new to Valorant, allow me to get you up to speed as to what the Night Market is. Basically, it’s an opportunity to grab some weapon skins for cheap. Usually, there’s six random skins of various rarities that you can purchase. For the most part, these cosmetics are from previous battle passes or bundles that are no longer sold. So, when the Valorant May 2022 Night Market rolls in, you’ll be able to get these skins for relatively little money. Obviously, since the selection is random, you might not be interested in any of them, but it still deserves a look.
Now, if you’re wondering when was the last Night Market in Valorant, it was in April. The thing is, they don’t commonly happen that often, but rather once every few months. However, this time around, they’re back-to-back. So, be sure to make good use of it.
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