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Tarik, one of the most reputable names in eSports tweets his Top 10 favourites in NA VALORANT currently. Lets see if you agree od disagree?
Tarik is easily one of the biggest names in VALORANT at the moment. Although, he doesn’t play competitively, he is one of the biggest streamers in VALORANT. He clearly understands the video game as he has been #1 Radiant in NA for quite some time. Before this, he also competitively played CS:GO so he obviously has high knowledge.
Now that we have the Open Qualifiers going on, Tarik has tweeted his Top 10 list in NA. Which has brought forth hilarious reactions from players and fans.
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Tarik recently tweeted his Top 10 list of NA teams in VALORANT. Let’s take a look and see if you agree or disagree.
Top 10 NA Valorant Team Ranking
(As of 5/2/2022)
1) OpTic
2) Cloud9
3) The Guard
5) V1
6) NRG
7) LG
8) FaZe
9) TSM
10) 100T
— tarik (@tarik) May 2, 2022

He had OpTic, C9 and The Guard as his Top 3 which is pretty justified given their recent performance. However, after the Top 3 is where it gets “controversial”. We see many teams who still haven’t proved their worth as of now. Teams such as XSET, NRG, LG, FaZe, TSM and 100T. But the shocker here is that Tarik has left Sentinels out of this list. Although one can see his reasoning, it still seems unfair.
What do you thin about Tarik’s Top 10 List?
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The VALORANT community was bombarded with opinions and memes about this list. With big names such as SubRoza, Hazed chiming in too.
Listen im not taking this personal but i lied and i am taking this personal. Im unsubbing idc.
— NRG hazed (@hazedCS) May 2, 2022

Im officially no longer a Lentinels fan. MidZ has fallen off, LhahZam is an L, LicK is no longer SENLastHope, Lapr is no longer dapper, and their new kid Midpeki is of no use. SEN has failed me and i am eternally disappointed. Now I support team OpTic. Sincerely
— crayonEater (@marcSpextor) May 2, 2022


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