It is a sad day for the Valorant community as it lost a gem who left his mark by saying the phrase “revive me, Jett.” Lance “Finest” Arcilla got viral for the phrase when it turned into a meme and became a fan-favorite all around the globe. The 21-year-old Filipino gamer who spread a lot of positivity in the community, passed away on April 10, 2022.
The Valorant community has held his famous phrase for a long time and even inspired Riot Games to highlight it in the game as well. For this reason among many, the entire gaming community is mourning the loss of the good soul. One viewer even commented:
The information on the passing of Lance “Finest” Arcilla came on April 10, 2022, via Team Secret’s official social handle, where they shared their condolences for his family and friends.
It soon grabbed the attention of the entire Valorant community that adored his iconic “Revive me, Jett” dialogue.
The Valorant community has always been an avid fan of memes and welcomes jokes with open arms. It made the Filipino gamer a celebrity overnight as he kept on requesting a friendly Jett to revive him once he was taken down in a round.
The fact that Jett simply cannot revive any character was taken as humor and has remained in the hearts of fans ever since his clip went viral. The fact that the clip was referenced by Riot Games themselves also made his catchphrase an even bigger success.
However, now that the gamer has passed away, the community is requesting his cameo in the game, like Riot Games had done previously to pay tribute to a fallen fan. Many fans also want to have this as they want Riot Games to give small proceeds from it to his family who lost their beloved.
Many fans even shared the idea of adding graffiti to Bind with his reference, just as Counter-Strike and Rainbow Six Siege have done previously. If that happens, it will definitely be taken well by the Valorant community and will act as a proper send-off to the players.
Leny Arcilla, his mother, also posted an emotional update on Facebook. Her post has gained a lot of attention from gamers around the world, where they have paid their respects to him as well.
From this day on, it will be hard for fans of the game to refer back to his meme as it would remind them of the man who created it. However, as long as players remember the people who build the community, it will mean they are still alive in everyone’s heart.

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