Here are all the Valorant teams that have qualified for the North America VCT Stage 2 Challengers Main Event.
The final Act of Episode 4 is already underway and Valorant players have a brand new Battle Pass with exciting tier rewards.
Of course, the latest update has shifted the meta. From the introduction of Valorant’s nineteenth agent Fade to the several Sova changes, Riot is testing changes to bring other agents into the meta.
That said, we’re seeing Fade replace Sova slowly, with pros mastering her utility kit. And if you’re wondering which teams have made it into the North America Challengers Stage 2 Main Event, here’s all you need to know.
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With Open Qualifier 2 for NA Stage 2 Challengers currently underway, we will soon see all the Valorant teams that have qualified for the Main Event.
Here are the teams that have already qualified:
While OpTic Gaming might be the best team in North America and the world right now, The Guard and Cloud9 are keeping OpTic on their toes.
However, many in the community are surprised by how well FaZe and TSM have performed, marking a return to form with their new rosters.
Four teams still have a chance to make it to the Main Event from Qualifier 2. All eyes will be set on popular teams like 100 Thieves, Akrew, and Sentinels during this event.
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The Valorant Champions Tour NA 2022 Challengers Main Event group stage is set to start on May 13. The winning team will receive a prize of $200,000 and the top two teams will qualify for the VCT 2022 Stage 2 Masters.
Riot is yet to announce the schedule for the event but the top four teams from each group will qualify for the playoffs. We will update this article as soon as Riot releases the official schedule for the event.
In other news, Valorant will be getting a new agent lock system and this could mean the end of instalocking!
Also, OpTic’s yay wants Cypher buffs as the Sentinel agent is falling out of meta.
Finally, make sure to check our latest Valorant agent tier list with Fade, and all the other agents ranked from best to worst. – 2021



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