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VALORANT recently released a new skin bundle called Undercity. The skin bundle was released at a whopping 7100 Valorant Points on 17th February.
VALORANT has consistently released new skins for players to enjoy their games. Each skin with a different theme, finishers and animation. Recently, they dropped the Tigris collection which was regarded as mediocre.
The weapon skins have always set apart VALORANT from CS:GO. More often than not, they are unique, over-animated and luxurious.
In CS:GO, a Souvenir DragonLore AWP is one of the most expensive skins from Valve. It boasts its price due to its rarity in the marketplace.
On the other hand, Elderflame skin in VALORANT is literally a Dragon that breathes fire.
Valorant skins vs. CS:GO and Apex Legends skins
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VALORANT launched their latest collection of skins called Undercity. With the whole collection costing 7100 VP, each weapon costing 1775 VP, and the melee is worth 3550 VP. 
Immediately, fans took to Twitter and Reddit. They complained of extremely overpriced skins. They merely copied the Glitchpop 2.0 design kit.
The new bundle is a Phantom bundle with no-kill animations, finishers or reload animations. Hence, it is merely a green screen skin with a “Cyberpunk” theme. Furthermore, it bears similarity in colour themes and design to the Gltichpop 2.0.

“Can I copy your homework”
“Yea change it up a bit so it won’t be obvious” pic.twitter.com/yNdlf1EgRt
— ANG3LBEATZ😈💯🐍 (@ANG3LBEATZZ) February 15, 2022

val got the shittiest design team bro
— REP (@rep1x) February 15, 2022

What do you think about the new Undercity collection? Also, do you think VALORANT needs to do a better job at skin designing?
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