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death stranding director's cut
Kojima Productions’ Death Stranding Director’s Cut, an enhanced version of its 2019 open world action adventure, is out now on PC. Much like the PS5 version, it adds new facilities, tools and structures along with new tracks for the music player, a boss rematch option and some new missions. The PC version costs $40 but base game owners can upgrade for just $10 along with exporting their save data.
Death Stranding Director’s Cut adds a new weapon, the Maser Gun, which is good for non-lethal kills; a Firing Range to practice with weapons and partake in ranked trials; and the Fragile Circuit to race on a proper course. The new tools include the Buddy Bot which can carry cargo or Sam himself to a destination. There are also ramps for jumping off of and performing tricks along with the Cargo Catapult for shooting packages over extended distances.
For more details on Death Stranding Director’s Cut, check out our review for the console version here. You can also see the various facilities in action here and watch the recent launch trailer here.
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Publisher:Sony (PS4, PS5), 505 Games (PC)
Developer:Kojima Productions
Platforms:PS4, PC, PS5
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