Patch 4.04 rebalances Controller Agents
Valorant Episode 4 Act II kicks off today and it brings with itself a ton of changes, including a major shakeup in terms of Agent balancing. Yoru receives a major overhaul, something that the community has been requesting for a while now. Perhaps the rework will help Yoru’s pick-rates in Valorant and make him one of the fan-favourites again.
Yoru receives a buff to Fakeout, which is now a fully copy of Yoru. The copy will run forward, and when damaged, will explode and debuff enemies around him. Additionally, when the copy is shot, it faces the direction of the person that fired the shot and rushes their position in a canal direction. Essentially, mimicking exactly how players would react to being shot at, thus, strengthening the illusion.
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Dark Cover
Shrouded Step
Sky Smoke
Stim Beacon
Gravity Well
Nova Pulse
Astral Form
For a complete breakdown of all new rebalances and changes in Valorant Patch 4.04, head on over to the official Valorant patch notes linked here.
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