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If you don’t like your Riot Games name, you can easily change it later by signing in to your Riot account. Choosing a player name for yourself can be a hit or miss. You need a name that is memorable, unique, and maybe even funny. It may take a few tries before you settle on a gamer tag that you really like. Most games give you the option to change your username and player names one way or another. By the end of this guide, you will know how to change your gamername in Riot Games for the better. This is how you can easily change your player name in games like Valorant and League of Legends.
His Valorant catchphrase is tied to his Riot ID and is used in various IPs such as League of Legends and Team Fight Tactics. However, unlike those other games, you don’t have to use Riot Points (RP) to switch it, at least for now. Your Riot ID is a combination of your display name and a tagline underneath it. Most people have a catchphrase or hashtag based on their region, or a combination of automatically generated numbers. You can change it and customize it. So if you want to change the tagline and name of the ad, follow these steps:

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