The grand finals for VCT Champions 2021 are underway, and Valorant fans across the globe finally have a chance to get their hands on the all-new VCT 2021 Spark Buddy. If you’re unsure about how you can get your very own VCT 2021 Spark Buddy, we have you covered. Here’s how you can get your VCT 2021 Spark Buddy and show it off in Valorant.
Valorant fans can get the VCT 2021 Spark Buddy by simply tuning in to the official VCT Champions stream and watching it for a set duration. You can also choose to watch any other drop-enabled watch party for the VCT Champions to get the Gun Buddy.
You can check out the official Valorant Champions stream here.
In order to be eligible to get the VCT 2021 Spark Buddy, simply watch the stream for one hour. Once done, head over to your Twitch drops inventory and claim your VCT 2021 Spark Buddy for Valorant.
Now, all you need to do is launch Valorant and check your inventory. You’ll find the new VCT 2021 Spark Buddy waiting for you once you finish the above-mentioned steps.
DROPS ARE NOW ON | #ValorantChampions

Watch Valorant Champions for 1 Hour to earn the VCT 2021 Spark Buddy.
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