The Killjoy turret has some changes.
Riot Games has released the patch notes for Valorant update 1.07 and there are a lot of changes present, including some big nerfs to both Sage and Killjoy. 
Sage is easily the biggest loser of the patch, with her heal being reduced from 100 over five seconds to just 60 over five seconds, although that changes to 60 over 10 seconds for self heals. Her slow orb has also been reduced by 30% and Barrier Walls now spawn with 400 HP which is then doubled to 800 after being up for three seconds. 
Overall these are pretty big nerfs to Sage, who has been one of the most popular agents at all levels of play. These changes will no doubt see her drop out of favour quite a bit, and it will be interesting to see how much the pro players use her with these changes. 
Elsewhere in the patch Killjoy has seen major changes for the first time, with her Nanoswarm being the main target. There is now a brief windup before damage starts, and the damage per second has been reduced from 60 to 40. Her turret is also no longer revealed by recon bolts, which always seemed like a strange thing. 
Breach is the one agent to have seen pretty big buffs. He now has three charges of his flash, which also has a reduced wind up time. Rolling Thunder has also been buffed slightly, and concussion will now descope players hit by it. These are apparently just the first of a number of changes coming to Breach soon. 
“Breach should be a choice pick in offensive entry and breaking utility,” reads the patch notes. “While the flash’s power was pretty good, too few charges were holding him back on being able to provide this value for his team. Considering he needs teammates to capitalize on his flashes, this should make up for that cost by simply having more of them. These are not all the potential Breach changes we want to do, but as part of our ease-in, intentional-balance philosophy, we want to be measured. Stay tuned for more…potentially.” 
Viper has also been changed, but mostly with quality of life updates that won’t change her too much, and Sova has seen some visual changes to improve things. 
Outside of agents, all shotguns have been changed, mostly in the form of nerfs and the Vandal has seen a slight buff. Hit impact visual effects have also been updated, to try and make it clearer when you hit a shot, which should make seemingly hit registration issues less noticeable.



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