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This patch also adds a Snowball Fight mode in-case you want a break from the regular shooting
Sage has been getting nerfs since before Valorant was even released, but in the game’s latest patch she’s finally getting some power back. The new update also brings some big changes to Icebox, Valorant’s newest map, and a for-fun Snowball Fight mode.
Sage’s ability to slow down her enemies, cut off choke points with a wall, heal her allies, and even bring them back from the dead makes her one of Valorant’s strongest characters on raw abilities alone. And that’s exactly why she’s gotten so many nerfs since the game debuted. But thanks to all these nerfs, she’s finally spent a few weeks out of the meta, and was only rarely played at last weekend’s First Strike tournament. Riot has decided it’s time to put a little power back in her kit.
After this update, Sage’s Barrier Orb, which creates an ice wall on the map, will no longer lose health passively over time. Players can still destroy it or wait for it to disappear on its own, but destroying it won’t get any easier the longer they wait.
This patch’s other major change is an update to the Icebox map. Icebox’s A bomb site was one of the most complicated areas on any Valorant map, so Riot is toning things back there to make the environment a little more clear and the approach paths a little more predictable. This should lead to more interesting fights in the area, and a better chance for the defending team to predict their opponents’ movements.
Patch 1.14 also adds a new Snowball Fight mode to give players a winter-themed break from the action of regular matches. This mode will act like Team Deathmatch with two teams of five facing off against each other. But instead of weapons, everyone will have a special snowball launcher instead. Maps will also have power ups scattered around them that will let you shoot or run faster, or even shoot a snowball that grows in size the longer it’s in the air.
For a look at all the changes coming to Valorant with this patch you can check out the full patch notes.
Barrier Orb
Overall, we’ve been happy with how the fortified barrier has been playing but wanted to make some changes to prevent the mitigation of the fortifying counterplay, while rewarding Sage players that successfully fortify their walls.
The changes to Icebox in this update are centered around simplifying the A Site and reducing the height of some of the most vertical areas on the map.
Reduced the height of the A Belt area and connected it via a ramp to the platform below
Added a see-through gate here that can’t be passed from the ground level
Sloped the wall (first image) and replaced the double stack of Radianite crates in the site with a smaller object (second image)
Reduced the height of the yellow container.
Ready to have a Snowball Fight with your friends (and likely your foes)? The limited mode goes live on Dec.15 and will last for two weeks, on Dec. 29. Play a match of Snowball Fight and you’ll also nab a themed Gun Buddy, delivered at a later date.
5v5: Team Deathmatch
The snowball launcher is your weapon of choice
The gift that keeps on giving: Power ups!
Gift types
Check out our newest feature with the introduction of the Night.Market
Requirements to unlock Competitive play have been changed from Play 20 Unrated matches >>> Win 10 Unrated matches
A text field has been added to VALORANT in-game reports so players can provide more information and the reason for their report, if they choose to.
Players can now add friends via the in-game escape menu.
Changes to the social panel sorting logic when in parties so you are always sorted at the top of your own group
Manual Game State Recovery
Cinematic Cameras
Projectile Follow
Minimal Broadcast HUD
Observer Follower
Observers can use player numbers on the minimap to jump directly to a specific player

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