PlayStation has previously stated that the PS5 version of the remaster would release first
Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection has been rated by The Australian Classification board, suggesting a release date isn’t far off.
The PC and PS5 collection, which will contain Uncharted 4 and expansion The Lost Legacy, was announced in September and carries an official release window of “early 2022”, with the PC version arriving “shortly after” PS5, according to Sony.
However, analysis of previous Australian game ratings suggests that the collection could arrive as soon as February 2022.
Previously, Microsoft’s Forza Horizon 5 was given an Australian classification on August 3 and released today, November 9.
Halo Infinite was also rated in August and eventually issued a release date of December 8. Microsoft has previously suggested Halo’s date was chosen to avoid other shooters releasing in November.
Although no details have been revealed for Uncharted 4’s PC port, the PC version of Days Gone contains a number of new features, including support for ultra-wide monitors, an unlocked framerate and improved graphical detail.
PlayStation has recently stated its commitment to increasing its output on PC. In a corporate report published last summer, Sony first said it would explore bringing more PlayStation exclusives to PC, following Horizon Zero Dawn’s release on the platform.
Speaking during an investor call in May, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan said that further PC releases would happen this year “and beyond”.
Last month it emerged that PlayStation has formed a new ‘PlayStation PC’ label specifically for its PC gaming operation. Although the name appears to be a formality, it represents another strong signal that Sony intends to increase its gaming output on the PC platform.
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