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The data was purportedly exposed due to an error in a Twitch server configuration change.
After confirming the authenticity of a data breach by a “malicious third party” early last morning, Twitch released an updated statement today to reassure its users.
In yesterday’s leak, sensitive documents were uploaded as part of a 125 GB torrent originating on 4Chan. It included files built for the Twitch application, streamer earnings, unreleased Twitch-related products, and more.
The data was exposed due to an “error in a Twitch server configuration change,” according to Twitch.
Our investigation is ongoing, and we are in the process of analyzing all of the relevant logs and data to assess actual impact. For an update see
Twitch explained that the “investigation is ongoing,” and the platform is still trying to understand the scope of the leak. But there was apparently “no indication that login credentials have been exposed.”
Also, they stated that full credit card numbers are not stored by the site, meaning that they would not have been exposed in the leak.
Twitch is continuing its investigation, with the team still at work at attempting to understand the scope of this recent leak. There will likely be a more extensive update soon.
Update Oct. 7 3:50am CT: Twitch announced that they have reset stream keys for all users out of caution. You can get your new stream key here.
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