Players looking for the most stylish skins from the Ruination Bundle will find some stand out above the rest.
Players of Valorant would look at its new Ruination Event and realize the Black Mist in League of Legends made its way to the game’s Future Earth. Coinciding with League‘s “Rise of the Sentinels,” Valorant‘s Ruination Bundle will include a number of Runeterran references to its new set of skins.
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As players saw, Valorant previews its Episode 3 with newcomer KAY/O donning a Guardian with a skin straight stylized in Ruination. On top of that, the Ruination Bundle has more skins to offer that fit right into the Ruination’s grim yet stylish aesthetic. In true Riot Games fashion, some skins just outshine the rest.
Weapon: Tactical Knife
In Valorant, players actually move faster when using the Tactical Knife. This handy implement currently serves as the only melee weapon option in the game and is almost always reserved for emergencies in close combat. The Tactical Knife is known for its backstab mechanic, which deals double damage when hitting the enemy’s back.
Given the iconic status of the knife amongst FPS players, it makes sense for the Tactical Knife to receive the most recognizable skin in the Ruination Bundle. Whereas other guns acquire a Ruined-esque stylistic upgrade, the Tactical Knife manifests into the Blade of the Ruined King. This is a Legendary Item in League, used against tanks while boasting its own attack speed and life steal buffs.
Weapon: Guardian (Rifle)
Players who want a reliable semi-auto rifle at a much cheaper price can go places with the Guardian. It boasts the lowest first shot spread and the highest damage-per-bullet in the game, making it deadly for a readily accessible weapon. When coupled with its 1.5x zoom, the Guardian excels when peeking given its consistent headshot damage regardless of any range.
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Its Ruination skin remains consistent with the bundle’s motif with its jade-like body covered with crystallized black swirls for details. The jade body serves as the primary material for the body, the barrels, and even the magazine. Meanwhile, the crystallized black details form the stock, trigger guard, and other defining parts of the gun. To stylish fans, the black swirls give quite an aesthetic “infected” appeal as they curl around most parts of the rifle.
Weapon: Ghost (Sidearm)
Despite its nature as a sidearm, the Ghost surprisingly remains a reliable weapon for stealthy players. This semi-auto pistol boasts decent damage per hit, capable of taking down most foes with a few bullets. Unlike other sidearms, Ghost remains a must-have for its decent accuracy and heavy firepower. Living up to its namesake, the Ghost has a silencer that dampens its firing noise making it a great companion for ambushes.
Its Ruination skin provides a more up-close look to the stylized effect of the Runeterran phenomenon. As with other Ghost skins, the Ruination variant affects both the pistol body and its silencer. Based on the rock-like effect on the silencer body, the gemstone bases of Ruination skins are made to appear crude. In contrast, the stylized black swirls give edged accents to the pistol. Unlike the similarly-stylized Sovereign skin, the Ruination’s swirls are more chaotic and sporadic.
Weapon: Spectre (SMG)
Agents on the lookout for a mid-tier primary can rely on the Spectre for consistent performance in mid-to-close range engagements. It boasts better cover penetration and a higher magazine capacity but falls short of its counterparts in terms of firing rate and per-shot damage. If without access to more expensive guns, the Spectre still remains ever-reliable. With its silencer, the added noise dampening effect makes it perfect for ambushes fitting its namesake.
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Its Ruination skin draws comparison to other Spectre skins, especially when the Ruination’s gemstone base and black swirls come to mind. The crude-cut jade gemstone motif is similar to the polygonal body of the Singularity skin. On the other hand, the black accents also draw comparisons with the similarly stylized swirls of the Sovereign and Spline skins. However, the fragile-looking stock and the stylized “teeth” of the crude magazine do set the Spectre apart from the other Ruination skins, adding a “fragile destructive” element to its aesthetic.
Weapon: Phantom (Rifle)
The Phantom serves as the perfect final stage of the ghost-motif weapons in the shop, especially with its excellent rate of fire and decent accuracy. Perfect for the name, the Phantom is a full-auto rifle equipped with a silencer – dampening noise and making it the best kit for ambushes. To top it off, a single headshot off the Phantom at close range will insta-kill foes. The Vandal might be a more potent rifle for its per-bullet damage, but the Phantom rules more tactical play.
Of all Ruination skins, the Phantom combines the best elements of all skins present in the game. Players can still make out distinct parts of the rifle, particularly the crude gemstone cuts of the body, silencer, and magazine base. This time around, even the stock is more solid, giving the gun a much heavier feel. Even the swirls have a chaotic yet stylized layering to them. In turn, the stock, handle, and silencer seem to have small swirls wrapping around them that lead to weaves all over the body like the dark corruption the Ruination represents in League.
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