The first digital-only Porsche car has also been revealed
Sony has released a new Gran Turismo 7 gameplay video showing off the returning Deep Forest Raceway.
The circuit has appeared in every series entry to date excluding 2017’s Gran Turismo Sport.
The new PS5 gameplay video includes a lap of Deep Forest Raceway from a cockpit view.
Over the weekend Polyphony Digital also unveiled Gran Turismo 7’s Porsche Vision, which is billed as the first Porsche car developed purely for the digital world.
Last month, racing peripheral manufacturer Fanatec revealed its official Gran Turismo 7 steering wheel, which costs more than the PS5 console and game combined.
The latest Gran Turismo 7 videos follow a series of developer diaries released by Sony in which Polyphony CEO Kazunori Yamauchi discusses various aspects of the upcoming game.
The behind-the-scenes videos include a look at Gran Turismo 7’s cars, tracks, personalisation, livery editor and more.
Sony recently detailed Gran Turismo 7 pre-order items and the game’s 25th Anniversary Edition, which costs $90 / £90.
Customers who pre-order the PS4 and PS5 game at participating retailers ahead of its March 4, 2022 release date will receive a selection of bonus in-game items.
The 25th Anniversary Edition includes a Toyota GR Yaris with a country specific livery.
Gran Turismo 7’s campaign mode, livery editor, Scapes photo mode, GT Café and GT Auto will all require players to be connected to the PlayStation Network.
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