Ranked play is getting some changes.
Riot Games has revealed some major changes to the ranked system that will launch as part of Act Three next week, and some further changes that are expected to launch next year. 
The ranked system has been a hot topic of debate over recent months within the Valorant community, with many players, especially at higher skill levels, complaining about the experience. Many have complained about high queue times, matches with a large range of skill and poor server connections. 
But with act three a number of those issues will be fixed, with sweeping changes being implemented to the ranked play system. Unranked play, along with deathmatch and Spike Rush matches will not be impacted by these changes. 
The most notable change is that the possible rank variation in a match has been decreased from six ranks to just three, this means that you will no longer be in a match with players that are a significantly higher or lower rank than you. Whereas before a Sliver one could play with a Platinum one, now a Silver one will not be able to play with anyone higher than Gold one. This also goes the same way with those of lower skill ability. 
This change will make a lot of improvement across the board. Even at ranks where there are a lot of players, it is not unusual to see a large range of ranks in your matches. If this update works as intended it should make ranked a lot more enjoyable. 
The other major change that is coming with Act Three next week is the ability to pick your server of choice to play on. While you will not be guaranteed to get a match on your selected server, the chances of you playing on that server are massively increased, meaning you should no longer get matches on servers across the world. 
Riot also announced some further changes that are currently scheduled to launch in Episode Two next year. While exact details are a little thin on the ground the one really exciting new feature that is being worked on is a top player leaderboard for each region, so there will be no doubt who exactly is the best player in the region and give Radiant level players something extra to work for. 
Further changes are also expected to come next year to improve the ranked system, but for now, the main focus is on Act Three, which launches next week and seems to have some kind of cold theme around it if the community speculation has been correct.



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