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By Soham Rane
Gran Turismo Sport, or GT Sport, receives an update bringing changes to the penalty algorithm and more.
While GT Sport wasn’t a resounding critical success, the competitive online racing game nevertheless clocks around 50,000 players to this date.
Developers Polyphony Digital released a new update with patch notes today on May 11. In addition, we see other improvements made to the game as well.
Read more to learn about the update and the other changes to GT Sport.
The GT Sport Update 1.65 comes alongside other fixes and improvements also. Instead, the update focuses on fixing certain issues already plaguing the game.
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Essentially, there are three areas of change with each of them receiving treatment to improve the end-user experience. There is a ‘Balance of Performance’ update, adjustments to penalties, and an overall update.
The ‘Balance of Performance’ patch notes in the GT Sport update are below:
The Balance of Performance (BoP) for certain cars in Gran Turismo Sport has been updated.
Below is a list of affected cars and the adjustments made.
– Adjustments to the fuel consumption ratio of Gr.3 / Gr.4 cars.
An ‘Online Penalty Adjustments Notice (11 May)’ has the following patch notes:
On 11 May, adjustments have been made to the system issuing penalties in the ‘Sport’ mode and Lobbies of Gran Turismo Sport. The details are as follows:
Sport Mode & Lobby
– The penalty judgement algorithm has been adjusted so that severe penalties are no longer issued due to differences in internet network environments.
Finally, the ‘Update notice 1.65’ reads:
An update for Gran Turismo Sport has been released. The following is a list of the main features introduced.
Main Features Implemented
1. Sport Mode
– Several changes related to the ‘Olympic Virtual Series – Motor Sport Event’ have been implemented.
Other Improvements and Adjustments
– Various other issues have been addressed.
The changes mentioned in the GT Sport update seem obscure. There isn’t a lot of clarity regarding the exact changes and a lot is left either to imagination or “just figuring it out”.
New update on GT Sport, but it would have been great to have more transparency about the exact changes that have been made. What cars have been impacted, what are their new fuel consumption ratios etc… https://t.co/gSC5E3XtRc
As pointed by former professional Esports driver Tom Lartilleux, it indeed would’ve been great if we had more transparency regarding the changes. Invariably, players are without choice but to go through the game to figure out the changes which beats the point of patch notes.
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