Riot Games announced a mobile variant for their globally renowned tactical first-person shooter, Valorant. Both Android and iOS users will have access to Valorant Mobile when it releases.
Riot plans to increase its portfolio of games with the release of Valorant Mobile. The mobile gaming community, although not as diverse as the PC or console community, still has its dedicated player base.
With the expanding popularity of Valorant among PC gamers, Riot seeks to captivate the mobile gaming sector, similar to the successful endeavors of PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty: Mobile and Free Fire.
Riot celebrated Valorant’s first anniversary on 2 June 2021 with the announcement of the game’s mobile edition as part of their future plans. However, the developer has not yet issued a release date yet as it is still in the works.
Riot Games has made it clear that they do not intend on delivering anything that undermines the quality of Valorant‘s PC gaming experience.
Anna Donlon, an executive from Riot Games, said:
Gaming enthusiasts waiting for the mobile edition can therefore expect a highly optimized gaming experience.
Riot Games hasn’t made an official statement regarding Valorant Mobile since the announcement. However, the company’s search for a Senior Game Designer, Mobile in November 2021 suggests that the game is approaching its final stages of development.
Even though there is no expected launch date, players can pre-register for the beta trials on TapTap. Valorant Mobile is expected to connect both the PC and mobile communities by providing them with an exciting gaming experience.

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