One Reddit user recently asked GTA Online players to share their most ridiculous wastes of in-game money, and the resulting list is very long.
Grand Theft Auto Online continues to be a popular game amongst players on all platforms since its release in 2013, and some are now reflecting on their biggest wastes of in-game money. The game’s longevity in the public eye continues well into the present, having set records in GTA Online player count as recently as 2020.
GTA Online is the online counterpart to Grand Theft Auto V, the former of which allows players to create fictional characters and run around the fictional city of Los Santos, causing chaos and hunting down other players. Each new heist and update added gives players regular new content – and money is often at the center of all of GTA Online’s content. Sometimes the updates include new businesses for financial opportunities, or new missions for players to complete for cash. Some players take these missions and finish them right away, reaping the benefits and making a lot of money in-game. Other players prefer to race their cars and come in first to win the big prize. There is even a casino where players can go and spend money to try to win big prizes, like a new car or the jackpot. The opportunities to make money in GTA Online are endless, so it’s no surprise that people have spent money on seemingly pointless items.
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User thunderdome33 took to Reddit to ask everyone what their biggest waste of money was in the online multiplayer game. OP shared a picture of The Kraken Avisa, which is an underwater vehicle that allows players to go through the ocean to see the sights. They cited this as their biggest waste of money and said they only used it once and haven’t touched it since. The Avisa runs players a whopping $1,545,000 in-game and seemingly doesn’t deserve the price tag it’s given. Without any defense system, players riding in the Avisa can be a sitting duck for other players. Other subaquatic vehicles tend to go faster and actually have weapons, making them more useful than the Avisa.
Another honorable mention (by a few fellow Reddit users) was the Stromberg, which is a submersible sportscar. The price tag on the Stromberg is a whopping $3,185,350 and players noted that it just isn’t that useful in the long run. The Stromberg seems like it could be good for GTA Online PVP battles like the Vehicle Vendetta, but players said it was not worth the money they spent. Another runner-up in Reddit post was the Karin Technical Custom. This costs about $142,500 and looks like it might be worth the price tag, but players mentioned that it leaves the gunner open to be attacked without any defense. Players mentioned that it also spawns a long distance away from their character, which can be fatal in a pinch. There were some other great mentions like the yacht and the Luxor Deluxe – also known as the 10-million-dollar jet – but overall the Avisa was the winner of the discussion.
The Grand Theft Auto V online component continues to draw people back in with the new GTA Online updates and fun challenges. Each new update has new vehicles, shops, and businesses players can spend their money on – meaning there are even more opportunities for wasteful spending, deliberate or not.
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Source: thunderdome33/Reddit
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