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The creator can use this to get rid of enemy agents in real life.
Gaming fans oftentimes recreate their favorite characters or items in other video games or in real life. That holds true when it comes to VALORANT. Riot Games’ FPS has 18 different agents who have all built a fan base and become popular in their own way.
The newest character to come to the game is Chamber. The French agent made his debut in VALORANT Patch 3.10, which was added to the game on Nov. 16. And players are already recreating some elements of his kit in various ways. Reddit user RivalRudra decided to try their best at making Chamber’s Headhunter out of cardboard.
Headhunter is Chamber’s empowerment ability, which makes him equip a unique pistol, as long as he has the right type of ammunition. The pistol itself is eye-catching, so it was probably only a matter of time before someone tried to recreate it.
It took one and a half weeks for RivalRudra to build the Headhunter with cardboard and paper. Their work truly reassembles Chamber’s pistol well, although the player admitted they had to simplify the design a little for their own convenience.
Regardless, RivalRudra’s pistol is impressive and looks like something many VALORANT players would probably like to have themselves. And that might not even be out of the question since the player used just three materials to recreate the weapon: cereal box cardboard, colored paper, and “Chamber’s permission.”
So, with some effort, you can make your own Headhunter, too. But you’ll have to put in some time and effort if you want your creation to look as good as RivalRudra’s.
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