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In just over a year, Valorant has become one of the fastest-growing team eSports in the world but is there a way to play the game in 1v1?
Riot Games have seen a huge amount of success with the team based title that draws from the likes of CS:GO.
Fans have been requesting a 1v1 version of the title for quite some time, with gamers on the r/VALORANT subreddit again crying out for a single-player/smaller team mode.
One Redditor wrote on a recent thread about a 1v1 mode: “I would kill for a 1v1 mode, even 2v2 like COD would suffice lol.”
Another Redditor would bring up the classic FPS shooters of the early 2000s and how Riot can implement smaller team variants into Valorant. They said: “15 years ago we would play 1v1 2v2 3v3 aim_map ladder in ESL in Counter-Strike and it was some of the greatest fun you could have in the game.
“But I guess outside of Germany this was not played much, therefore valve never thought of adding anything like that to CS:GO.”
One gamer on the Subreddit would also vouch for a 1v1 akin to that in CS:GO. They said: “A 1v1, with no spells, just aiming, like cs go custom 1v1 matches.
“It would be nice to improve my aim with my friends, where others can spectate and it could be a tournament kinda thing. Would be fun.”
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Currently, Valorant does not have a 1v1 mode in the game, with gamers only able to join a team to play online.
With the demand from fans continuing, there’s a chance that Riot may decide to implement something in the future, but right now there is no indication that the company will be adding a 1v1 mode to Valorant anytime soon.
Valorant’s Competitive mode continues to be a massive hit amongst players and the eSports community around it continues to grow exponentially with new competitions, teams and organisations being created almost monthly.
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