Valorant Episode 3 arrived last month, and Valorant patch 3.0 was one of the biggest updates the game has ever seen. With this update, the developers have tried to give the game a new look. They have tweaked much of its play mechanics along with massive changes to both agents and weapon prices as well.
However, after these big updates, every game experiences some common issues, which mostly revolve around bugs and errors. Valorant is currently facing these issues since its patch 3.0 release last month. Players have experienced some of the most annoying error codes and game crashes over the last two weeks.
Valorant error 40 is one of the issues that has been plaguing the servers recently. However, there may not be a permanent solution to this problem, but players can temporarily fix this issue.
Valorant error 40 primarily occurs if either the server is down or the internet connection is lost. When the error occurs, the game shows a message on the screen which reads,
Valorant error 40 is a sporadic bug. However, this is one among Valorant’s list of known issues. Players can use these tricks to resolve this issue:
However, after trying all these issues, if the game still shows the same issue, then there might be a possibility that Riot’s servers are down. Players may have to wait a few hours to play again.

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