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In Valorant’ September 8 update a new act gets underway and Killjoy’s turret gets a nerf – read the full 3.05 patch notes here.
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Valorant Episode 3 Act 2 starts today, and we’ve got the full 3.05 patch notes for the September 8 update. The new map and battle pass may seem exciting, but there have been some changes to Agents and the competitive rank distribution that you won’t want to miss. We’ve got the full details with the Valorant 3.05 patch notes below.
The biggest addition to Valorant arriving in Episode 3 Act 2 is the new map, Fracture. This splintered arena features multiple directions from which attackers can push, and, much like Breeze, gets its own dedicated Unranked queue for a time.
In terms of agents, Killjoy is getting a nerf to her Turret’s tagging capabilities, dropping the movement slow from 72.5% down to just 29.5%. Raze’s Boom Bot has also been adjusted, making it less dangerous but cheaper to purchase.
For ranked play, the Valorant 3.05 patch notes reveal the return of Immortal rank and a redistribution of the Competitive ranks all players hold to shift people upwards. Here are the full Valorant 3.05 patch notes courtesy of Riot.
Brimstone, Sova, and Breach are all receiving consistency changes to ability damage. We want to reward those of you who are creative with the ability sandbox, using your tools to solve the obstacles other Agents are creating. To ensure this, physical objects across VALORANT need to interact in a reliable and consistent manner, so you can properly plan and execute without knowing ability-specific interactions.
Aftershock (C)
Orbital Strike (X)
Hunter’s Fury (X)
Killjoy’s Turret is a versatile ability that provides information, chip damage, and a powerful slow. While manageable during mid to later rounds, the Turret can be especially oppressive on pistol rounds down longer sightlines, where the tagging intensity combined with weapon spread makes it challenging to press forward. These changes aim to slightly tone down the Turret’s ability to impede rushes, and give opponents more counterplay options.
Turret (E)
The Boom Bots’ ability to clear space, spot, and track opponents, as well as one-shot enemies with Light Shields, left you with limited options on how to counterplay—especially during low economy rounds. So, we’re trading off reduced damage output for an ability cost reduction in order to introduce more Boom Bot counterplay options. This should also increase the frequency that Raze mains can use Boom Bot to create space.
Boom Bot (C)
Premium Battlepass bonus XP
Those were the complete Valorant 3.05 patch notes for the September 8 update. The new act also brings the Zedd x Valorant Spectrum skin bundle, which you can read about here.
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