Agneya “Marzil” Koushik is one of India’s most experienced professional FPS players, currently playing for Velocity Gaming.
After years of domination in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Marzil finally decided to switch to Valorant in May 2021. His team, Velocity Gaming, recently qualified for the Valorant Conquerors Championship Main Event, beating Global Esports in the Grand-Finals of the Valorant Conquerors Championship India Q1.
Marzil and his team will face some of the top teams in the South Asian region to secure their spot in the APAC Last Chance Qualifier, which is already a part of the Valorant Champions Tour 2021.
In a conversation with Rishab Chakladar of Sportskeeda Esports, Marzil has discussed the team’s planning and his role in the team for the upcoming events.
1) Marzil, you are one of the most experienced FPS players in India. From Team Invictus to Blaze Esports you have dominated in your CS: GO days. Can you tell us about your journey?
Marzil: There’s really nothing much to talk about. For every team I’ve been in, I’ve always had a dream of playing bigger and better tournaments against the best players from across the world.
I’ve represented India in events like Dreamhack and COBX but that’s pretty much it. I hope more comes my way in Valorant as well.
2) What were your best memories during the long journey as a professional CS: GO player?
Marzil: Probably the games during Dreamhack 2018, Zowie Extremesland 2016 and a handful of ESL India premierships.
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3) You recently retired from CS: GO and decided to pursue a career in Valorant. Currently you are playing for Velocity Gaming, one of the best teams in India. How are you feeling after this switch?
Marzil: I am feeling good. I’m sorry if you were expecting an elongated response but that’s all the depth to my emotions after the switch.
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4) You have started the game late compared to other players in the country. Velocity Gaming has decided to give you the time to grind separately from the main squad. Does it help you to improve yourself as a Valorant player?
Marzil: There’s a little misconception here. I’m not grinding separately from the main squad. My grind goes along with the main squad. Even when I am not in the playing five, I am still observing, analyzing and making notes for when I do get a chance to play.
Everybody plays and grinds the game individually. So there’s no special separate grind for me.
5) Valorant currently has 16 agents in the game. Which agent do you prefer to play more and how does the agent compliment your gameplay style?
Marzil: I’m a filler. I pick whatever agent the team composition needs to win, whether that is a Duelist, Initiator, Sentinel or Controller. It compliments the kind of player I am. I always try to adjust and take roles that make my team feel comfortable.
6) Velocity Gaming has had an excellent run in TEC Gauntlet Season 1. You are already qualified for the TEC Gauntlet Season 1 Playoffs. How much are you guys confident as a team before the Playoffs?
Marzil: We have the same level of confidence as we had before we qualified for the TEC Gauntlet Season 1 Playoffs.
This tournament or any other event is just another day in the office. If we win, we’re happy and always looking forward to the next one. If we lose, it’s unfortunate but we’re hungry to prove ourselves in the next one. Same consequence regardless.
7) As the first team to qualify for the Valorant Conquerors Championship beating Global Esports in the India Qualifier 1, Velocity gaming has indeed set themselves apart.What were some of the emotions that you and the squad went through at the time, known that international representation is not too far away?
Marzil: International representation is still a long way ahead. We need to come out on top in the South Asian region, winning the Valorant Conquerors Championship. After that I think you can call it international representation.
Still, it was a very satisfying feeling when we won, but now it’s more anxiousness and excitement about playing the next phase.
Hearty Congratulations to Velocity Gaming on becoming the WINNERS of India Qualifier #1 Finals for #VCC♥️♥️They secure their spot in the #VCC Grand Final Playoffs! 🇮🇳Registrations open for 🇦🇫🇵🇰🇱🇰🇲🇻🇧🇩🔗 #india #indiaqualifier
8) Valorant has gained immense popularity within a year of its release. Many professional Indian CS: GO players have switched to Riot’s shooter over the last year. What are your personal opinions on the future of CS: GO in the nation?
Marzil: I have none. Good luck to all the players who continue to try to make it big in Counter Strike.
9) There are so many players who are currently dreaming of pursuing a career in Esports. What suggestions do you want to give those aspiring gamers?
Marzil: To memorize the chorus of the song ‘Remember the Name – For minor’. So keep up the grind and good luck to everyone.

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