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The Ruined King has seemingly broke the servers.
Similar to the name of one of Viego’s abilities, League of Legends players from Europe West have been going down a harrowing path lately. Following multiple login, disconnection, and ranked queue issues that have plagued the game, as well as the cancellation of the first 2021 Clash tournament due to technical issues, a new problem surfaced in the region earlier today.
EUW players can’t enter a game anymore or get stuck in the draft or selection phase. If players try and enter a queue, they’re prompted with the error message “attempt to join queue failed,” saying that an “unexpected error” has prevented them from entering matchmaking.
Several Reddit users have started to complain on the official game’s subreddit, which has become a reoccurring topic lately. The issues began surfacing hours after the introduction of Patch 11.2, which added the duelist jungler Viego, at approximately 7:45am CT.
Riot Games has acknowledged the issue on the official status server page. “We’re aware of a problem that’s causing players to get stuck in a login queue and are working on a fix,” Riot said. This issue is only affecting the Europe West server at this time, according to the server status website.
While Riot tries to fix the issue, account transfers have been temporarily removed from the game. It’s possible to try to enter a queue to play, but it won’t get you anywhere if you’re on the EUW server.
Since season 11 was introduced to the game, the European servers—and the EUW server in particular—have faced regular technical issues and maintenances. The issues surface when a new patch or hotfix is introduced, as well as at other unrelated times.
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