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It’s part of the upcoming Olympic Virtual Series
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has announced a new series of virtual sporting events that will take place ahead of the Tokyo Olympics, called the Olympic Virtual Series. No, this doesn’t mean that League of Legends just became an Olympic sport — what’s happening is that the IOC is partnering with five international sports federations to host virtual competitions in games featuring their sports.
The Olympic Virtual Series will kick off on May 13th and will run through June 23rd. Here’s the lineup of federations and what games they’ll be hosting events for, as we know it so far:
There are still many things we don’t know about the Olympic Virtual Series. It’s still unclear who will be competing, how you can try to sign up to compete, what prizes will be offered (will somebody become a Gran Turismo gold medalist?), and which events will happen when. The IOC promises that more details will be announced soon.
More sports could get involved in future virtual series. FIFA, the International Basketball Federation, the International Tennis Federation, and World Taekwondo have “confirmed their excitement and commitment to exploring inclusion in future editions of the OVS,” the IOC said.
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