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VALORANT fans have received two cryptic teasers this week, which are likely building up to a reveal of the game’s next agent. 
Over the past few months, Riot Games has dropped several hints about VALORANT’s next agent. A character was spotted in the Year One Anthem video with a rifle and the word “Deadeye” was written on its side. Many fans suspect the person with the French accent narrating the Fracture trailer is Deadeye and that they’re responsible for destroying the facility. 
The State of the Agents September update also dropped a significant reference to the next agent and confirmed they will be a sentinel. A fancy business card and a French word further indicate that the person narrating is the next agent. A new audio queue found in the Shooting Range also aligns with Deadeye’s sophisticated look. New audio lines on Fracture reference Vincent Fabron, a French name, no longer being allowed on the premises, indicating foul play at the facility.
But this week, fans have received two more teasers, likely hinting at the new character. A cryptic GIF of a rotating light illuminating a golden circle was posted yesterday, which has similar visual themes to the business card shown in the September blog post. Fans suspect this will be a symbol of one of Deadeye’s abilities. A GIF of a bullet flying through the air was posted earlier today, likely referencing one of Deadeye’s abilities. 
Riot has yet to reveal any other significant information about the next agent, but the two teasers posted on back-to-back days likely indicate that a bigger reveal is on the way.
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