Valorant Champions is almost upon the players, and Riot has started to create hype about the first-ever Championship for the game. The official music video, ‘Die For You’, dropped yesterday and has been met with huge enthusiasm from the community.
As reported yesterday, an exclusive Valorant Champions 2021 bundle has been confirmed for the event by HITSCAN Ryan Central. With exclusive VFX, quirky design, and a showcase to prove who’s the best, these skins are sure to be a huge hit with the fans and one that no one would want to miss out on.
The bundle will only feature one weapon skin for the Vandal rifle and a melee skin, a karambit. The inclusion of a Vandal skin is sure to delight the players as both Phantom and Vandal were absent from the latest Magepunk 2.0 bundle.
The Champions 2021 Collection bundle will be available from November 24 to December 12. This bundle will reportedly not return at any later point, either in the game’s shop or in Night Market.
The bundle will include the following:
The Valorant Champions 2021 bundle will reportedly cost 6264 Valorant Points, as mentioned by HITSCAN Ryan Central. Seeing how it simply includes a rifle skin and a melee weapon, the price is a little bit steep. But it is justified by the fact that 50% of net proceeds from the Champions 2021 Collection will go to participating teams. This gives fans a way to support their team while buying the bundle.
Riot has had a stellar year of creating cosmetics. Several exceptional-looking bundles have come out, and the Champions 2021 Collection looks set to follow suit. With the Champions’ aura, unique interaction and finisher, it is sure to be an exciting skin for the fans to get their hands on.

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