Taking advantage of PlayStation 5 hardware and a first-person perspective, RIDE 4 can look like actual footage of a real-world motorcycle race.
New gameplay footage of RIDE 4, played in first-person on a PlayStation 5, almost looks like camera footage of a real motorcycle race. The dedicated motorcycle simulation experience launched back in October 2020, but a version for the new generation of consoles went on to release in January 2021. Reviews for RIDE 4 praised the motorsport simulator’s realism and immersion, which is only enhanced on new-gen consoles.
Upon release, RIDE 4 was met with praise by fans of the franchise and virtual motorsports in general. Realistic controls and handling mean that the game can be quite the challenge, but mastering the racing mechanics can be equally rewarding. A large number of different bikes also adds variety to the experience, with each bike handling and performing differently. Improved artificial intelligence makes races feel more fair, as previous entries had computer-controlled opponents making unbelievable maneuvers. Most players felt that RIDE 4 was a big improvement over 2018’s RIDE 3, though some fans did criticize the fourth entry’s lack of a proper tutorial for new players.
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YouTube channel Joy of Gaming recently unveiled PlayStation 5 gameplay of RIDE 4 which could legitimately pass for real-world footage. The gameplay’s first-person perspective puts viewers right in the middle of the race, and the new-gen rendering technology brings it all to life beautifully. Realistic reflections in the bike’s mirrors, drops of rain on the windshield and realistic taillights on other racers serve to simulate a real racing experience. The course itself is also brought to life flawlessly, with cloudy overcast and sleek asphalt rendered with great detail.
Modern racing titles strive to immerse players within their chosen vehicle, and advanced hardware makes that more and more achievable as new hardware releases. Ray tracing has recently become a staple of new-generation titles, with the modeling technique allowing for the creation of realistic lights and reflections. Unfortunately not all racing games can take full advantage of this technology, as Gran Turismo 7 will not support ray tracing during races even on the PlayStation 5. Ray tracing reflections will not be utilized during actual races, but the rendering technique will be used during garage sequences and race replays. This means that Gran Turismo 7 is unlikely to achieve the realistic mirror reflections that RIDE 4 features on PS5.
By taking advantage of a first-person perspective and current-gen PlayStation 5 technology, RIDE 4 can become a nearly photorealistic motorsport simulator. Tearing across slick roads and peeking at functional side view mirrors, viewers would be forgiven for thinking that the gameplay footage is footage of a real-world motorcycle race. As gaming hardware continues to evolve into the future, racing simulation games like RIDE 4 will look even closer to reality.
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RIDE 4 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.
Source: Joy Of Gaming/YouTube
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