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Stuck in silver? You are certainly not alone.
Ranked is a daunting endeavor for any player in any game—and VALORANT is no exception. Wins are much sweeter, losses are much heavier, and clutches are much sweatier when there’s rank rating on the line.
Several websites track the distribution of ranks among VALORANT players. But in late August, the VALORANT developer team gave us a precise look at the current distribution and clued us in as to what they hope to shape ranked into in the future.
This is the current distribution of ranks in VALORANT, according to the Aug. 27 installment of “Ask VALORANT.”
Based on these numbers, over 60 percent of players are in the bottom three rank categories, with over 38 percent of all players having a rank in the Silver category. But the VALORANT devs have expressed that this isn’t their goal and this should change over time.
In the same dev diary post, competitive designer Jon Walker relayed the team’s sentiment that there were too many players with lower ranks and not enough players with higher ranks. Their plan for Episode Three, Act Two is to reduce the number of players in Silver and move players to the ranks they belong in.
When Act Two ends at the beginning of November, they want the distribution to look like this:
When a new dev diary is released with the next act, we’ll update the rank distribution numbers when they become available.
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