Over the last couple of days, the Valorant Mumbai server has had quite a few instability issues, which Riot Games has promised to investigate and solve the root cause.
Over the last year, Valorant has taken over the entire Indian esports community. While initially, gamers played on either Bahrain or the Singapore server, a few months after launch, Riot Games released a server in Mumbai.
We’re aware of the recent server instability and are at work investigating a root cause. Apologies, we will have updates for you soon.
Recently the Mumbai server has been facing quite a few instability issues, due to which players were unable to log in or play Valorant. Riot Games acknowledged the issue over on the Valorant India & South Asia Twitter and promised to find and solve the root cause.
Valorant Mumbai server is both famous for being the most active and for having instances of toxicity. Over the last couple of days, the server has been facing quite a few instability issues.
One of the most recent memorable instability issues was during Global Esports vs Velocity Gaming during the best of 5 grand final of Valorant Conquerors Championship India Qualifier 1. The match was paused for quite a while before the second map as the servers were down.
Earlier today, Riot Games acknowledged the ongoing issue and said over on Twitter:
Since the launch of the server, there have been regular issues with the instability of the server. Players utilizing certain ISPs have also had constant ping issues and packet loss.
Many Vlorant players feel like an excess load on a single Mumbai server could be an issue. Introducing a second server could balance out the load and provide a more stable experience for players of pan India.
With multiple tournaments, including the Valorant Conquerors Championship, which will allow South Asian teams to compete at Valorant Champions 2021, the instability of the server is becoming quite an issue. Hopefully, Riot will be able to detect and resolve the issue soon, and players can go back to enjoying Valorant without any hassle.

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