Going AFK will put you in trouble.
By Rabia Sayal
Valorant has dominated the competitive FPS scene ever since its launch last year. Riot Games has been actively introducing updates to the game, adding new operators, maps, and much more.
Riot Games has released the Valorant patch 2.05 and has added unique keybinds for various agents and along with this, improvements have been made to the competitive and AFK penalty system. A bunch of bugs have been fixed as well to enhance the gameplay experience for players. Here you can find the complete patch notes of the Valorant 2.05 update:
Image via Riot Games
Added unique keybinds to the option menu for flying up and down when using Owl Drone
Added unique keybinds to the option menu for flying up and down in Astral Form
The improved AFK penalty system in Valorant update 2.05 will punish the AFK players in a better way so that the opponents don’t get the numbers advantage. The changes made were much needed and after the huge demand from the Valorant community. Riot has implemented them to make the game fairer for everyone.
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