Valorant leads the world of tactical FPS gaming with its impressive style of combat that uses sharp gunplay and creative utility deployment.
Valorant provides its players with an option of 17 different agents with a highly diverse set of abilities that aid the players as they engage in a competitive 5v5 combat.
So far, the community has seen Riot Games drop seven different maps for Valorant. With respect to all Valorant maps, this article explores the five most effective team compositions that can help teams win matches on Valorant’s ranked competitive lobbies.
Haven is iconic for the presence of three bomb sites, being the only Valorant map to do so. A large area of the map favors teams on the attacking side. With a five-person team guarding three bomb-sites, the defensive side could easily be outnumbered, thus resulting in a result favorable to the attacking half.
As the solo duelist for the team, Jett provides the most attacking potential. Sova plays his part in gaining recon and easing the team’s entry into sites. Breach has various positions he can deploy his utilities from and can be a valuable presence during defense, as his abilities help the team initiate site retakes easier.
Being the most versatile Controller in Valorant, Astra is perfect for the map. Due to three bomb sites, Killjoy’s defensive setups are convenient for holding multiple angles on Haven.
Bind has two one-way teleporters, a unique feature on the map. The narrow corners and choke points within the map make it convenient for Defenders to delay their opponents with utility usage, which is highly prioritized on Bind.
While Jett has been noted as a viable Valorant duelist on Bind, Raze is the agent who can do the best job of capitalizing the map’s structure. Sova’s recon-gaining ability is a valuable feature that can highly affect Bind. Skye can join the team as a secondary Initiator, providing flash, and healing assistance.
Unlike other maps, Bind makes it convenient for players to utilize two Controllers. Astra can be chosen to cater to the team’s smoking needs. Viper can play off of her utilities and assume the role of a Sentinel, constantly offering her support in various parts of the map.
Ascent is one of the most popular maps in Valorant. The map’s structure favors long-range combat, with the defensive side likely to have the upper hand. Both bomb sites have perfect locations for utility deployment, thus making it convenient to slow down the Attackers.
While Jett has been the most popular pick on the map, it’s not rare to see teams go with Reyna. Sova is the most versatile agent on the map due to his potential to line up his utilities. Skye supports the team with her flash and healing abilities while aiding in obtaining recon.
Astra is the primary choice for a Controller on Ascent. Killjoy’s utilities are superior on Ascent in terms of their effectiveness, as the agent is capable of holding down a single site individually with her utilities.
Breeze is one of Valorant’s most recent additions. The map favors long-range combat and long rotations. Unlike Haven (which is similar in size), Breeze has many more open spaces and longer routes that connect the bomb sites. This favors the attacking side as bomb-sites become harder to retake.
Jett is preferred ahead of any other Duelist on Breeze due to her overwhelming potential on the map. Both bomb sites have various angles that support plays on the Operator, making it viable for Jett to lead the attack. The open structure of the map enhances the potential for both Sova and KAY/O’s abilities, thus making them a menace to counter.
Viper has recently emerged as the most effective Controller pick on the map. She can split up a whole bombsite with her utilities and make it troublesome for the opponents to cross her path. Cypher’s abilities are vital on the defensive side as they can help the team keep more angles in check and call for quicker rotations.
Icebox is a map that primarily relies on aim-duels. The structure of the map caters to quick rotations. Both bomb sites have elevated angles and multiple chokepoints, which calls for the use of certain agents who have a skill set favorable to the map.
Unlike every other map in Valorant, Icebox’s pro meta involves using a double Duelist setup involving Jett and Reyna. While Jett provides the team with the upper hand by utilizing the various elevations, Reyna can use the close corners of the map to her advantage during duels. Sova is notably the best Valorant Initiator on Icebox due to his potential on the map.
Viper can control various parts of the map with her utilities, gain entry into sites, or even make her way around the map to delay enemies’ advancements. Sage is the perfect Sentinel component for teams on Icebox. Her walls act as a defensive element while being effective during attacking executions.

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