Hindi ko mapigilang mahabag at mapaluha sa Anak ko Hindi pa kami financially prepared Pinay sa India

Hindi ko mapigilang mahabag at mapaluha sa Anak ko, Hindi pa kami financial prepared| Pinay sa India

Welcome to D’ Family Channel- this channel is all about how a Filipina trying to cope up in Indian culture and sharing how is it to be an Indian wife. This channel is also exploring about Indian culture, traditions, and customs. Hello guys I’m Annie I’m a Filipino who got married to an Indian guy named Sreedhar and we have daughter Annika, my husband and I were in a 10 years long distance relationship and we finally deiced to settle down in 2018 here in Hyderabad India. We upload twice a week! So please don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and be part of our D’ Family Channel…


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