Elden Ring PvP & Co Op – The State of Multiplayer. In this Elden Ring video, we going to be talking about the multiplayer for the Network Test both cooperative and competitive play. What we learned in the Network Test and how things overall are in this aspect of the game

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Elden Ring Network Test: Test+and+Demo

0:00 – The State of Multiplayer in Elden Ring Network Test
0:10 – Overall Connectivity
0:29 – Reported Summoning Problem
1:00 – Summoning for Boss Co-Op
1:37 – “Blue” Summon
2:56 – My Experience on Co-op and PvP during the Network Test
5:15 – The Jumping Mechanic on PvP
6:24 – Double Invade
6:50 – Dark Souls 3 Exploits on Elden Ring Network Test
7:22 – Overall Multiplayer Experience
7:44 – “Infinite” Sprinting
8:17 – I had a great time during the Network Test

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