God Of War Ragnarok - The Missing Gods & Monsters Of Ragnarok! Odin, Fenris, Surtr And More!

Hey guys!

Welcome to yet another god of war video!

With us still all still coming off the hype of the God Of War Raganrok trailer, I wanted to talk more about the Norse series of games and Ragnarok Itself!

With the next game being the climax of the Norse series, in todays video I will be discussing the gods and monsters we are yet to see in the God Of War universe, as their roles In said battle and how this could unravel In game!

Its also worth mention their are many characters who are still somewhat shrouded In mystery, as we are yet to be revealed In game or In Its promotional material!
Regardless we will be talking about them and what we can expect to see of them in the next game!

With that said, which of these character are you the most excited to see in the Ragnarok?
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